American online social media and networking service company Facebook after announcing music sharing deals with Universal Music Group, Sony/ATV and Global Music Rights has now added another music partnership, this time with Warner Music, home to huge collection of tracks from some of the world’s biggest artists.

What all is Included in this Deal?

Facebook, which has earlier signed a deal with Global Music Rights, has now signed a licensing deal that covers all of Warner Music’s recorded and distributed music lists. Music from these would now be able to be utilized as a part of “social experiences” on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Oculus.”

Partnering with Warner gives Facebook the capacity to utilize relatively every song you’ve ever heard, which will enable The Social Network to widen its appeal, and likely form new music alternatives inside its platform.

Rumors of Facebook making its Own Device

If rumors are to be believed, then Facebook is planning to build its own, Spotify-like music streaming service, which would link in with reports that the company is also set to launch its first smart speaker device later this year.

Planning to Boost its Watch Video Platform

Facebook is also looking further to boost its Watch video platform, and music content could play a big part in this process.  Music videos are very popular on YouTube, if Facebook could also tap into this with exclusive content, this could help bring more people across to Watch. And if Facebook’s upcoming smart home device connects to TV sets, and enables users to stream Facebook content direct to their larger screens, this could become a much bigger consideration.

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