With Facebook coming up with the latest tool to recognise any user’s image on others profile, it has now brought about a latest addition to Messenger in order to tackle the problem of harassment and abuse on the platform. With their first plan of action, Facebook is going to debar the creation of new accounts that have previously been blocked by the users.


What did Facebook have to say on this?

“We’ve heard stories from people who have blocked someone only to encounter the same harasser using a different account. In order to help prevent those bad encounters, we are building on existing features that prevent fake and inauthentic accounts on Facebook.”


How is the process going to take place?

Messenger will look after the IP Address of the person that has been blocked by the user and block those accounts from contacting the user. Such a harassing behavior was previously being detected in Twitter where the user has attacked again through another account.


More on the features

The users can now ignore the messages by using ‘Filtered Messages’ tab. Facebook stated “If someone’s being harassed, blocking the abuser sometimes prompts additional harassment, particularly offline. We’ve also heard from groups that work with survivors of domestic violence that being able to see messages is often a valuable tool to assess if there is a risk of additional abuse.”

How will the Filtered Messages work?

This new option will help the users in blocking the particular messages who have been disturbing them constantly and the sender wouldn’t know if their messages have been read or not. But, the user will be able to see the messages whenever they want.


The Advantage with Facebook

Since it requires more verification in creating a profile, Facebook can handle the security issues in a more effective than Twitter or any other platform. With their advanced detection and surveillance options, Facebook and even Instagram can keep a better eye on the misuse of communication.

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