Facebook now wants to be part of social welfare as well and hence launches a mini-site for the military and veterans. With the help of the mini-site, they can get various better opportunities and can improve their literacy too.

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Beneficial For Various Reasons:

  • It will help to find various job opportunities
  • It will also provide safety tips for their better understanding of the digital activity.
  • It will enhance their digital skills in various aspects.

Aim Of Military and Veterans Hub:

The mini-site expects to facilitate Facebook’s association with the military network – as per Facebook, in excess of 900,000 individuals in the US take an interest in excess of 2,000 gatherings for military individuals, veterans and their companions on Facebook.

The new center will mean to take into account this group of spectators, helping the stage assume a bigger job in interfacing and helping military and veterans networks.

Key Highlights Of Mini-Site:

  • Facebook joined hands with SCORE for the purpose of providing education and mentorship who want to become entrepreneurs.
  • Mini-site also helps to those who already owned a veteran business. Through this, they can give boost tot heir existing business.
  • Implementation of AR/VR technology in giving a job opportunities at Facebook itself to veterans. They will provide 12- month training focused on AR/VR Silicon Engineering.




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