Tired of seeing red doted notifications on your home screen? Facebook has confirmed the new feature of shortcut settings bar to the users. Mostly ios users are enjoying it and by the end of next android users will also be able to use this feature.

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Key Highlights Of New Feature:

Some of the key highlights of the new rolled out feature as follows:

  • Users have the option of removing tabs like Marketplace, Watch, Groups, Events, Profile, Friend Requests, News, Today In, Gaming and Dating.
  • If they don’t want to remove they can simply mute the notifications of the particular tabs.

Reasons Of Rolling Out New Feature:

The reasons for rolling out a new feature as follows:

  • A new shortcut setting feature will remove the cluster of notifications from the home screen that makes it clumsy for the users.
  • Consistent notifications on home screen attempt to dismantle in individuals’ thoughtfulness regarding irregular Group sustains Even wall posts and Marketplace.

Words By Facebook Spokesperson:

Facebook Explaining New feature Of Shortcut Bar Settings
Facebook Explaining New feature Of Shortcut Bar Settings

Image Source: Techcrunch








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