Facebook has launched the very first independent messenger app for the desktop which is now available on macOS and Windows. Facebook states that video calling via its messenger app has increased by 100% in the past month. The company instantly responded to such an increased usage with the launch of a desktop app. Messenger desktop app has various benefits as compared to using Facebook messenger on a browser.

Messenger App For Desktop
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Key Features Of The Messenger Desktop App

  • Multitasking: It is convenient for users to use the messenger app in one window while you are working on other things on your desktop.
  • Group Video Calling: Chat with your friends and family on a bigger screen as compared to a mobile phone.
  • Connects Easily: You don’t have to put an email, phone number or anything to sign up for the services. If you have a Facebook account and are connected with someone then you are connected on messenger as well.
  • Chat Sync: Users can shift between devices easily without losing any of the messenger history.
  • Notifications: You can select to mute or snooze the notifications which are available on the desktop.
  • Similar Messenger Features: Like GIFs and dark mode theme.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Zoom Versus Facebook Messenger

With the introduction of this new video calling desktop app, the Facebook messenger is now in competition with the app called Zoom. Messenger already has an upper hand when it comes to the price. Zoom, therefore, does offer the users a free plan, but it still is very limited.

Zoom Comparison To Facebook Messenger
  • Group Calls: Zoom’s group call has a limit of 100 people whereas Facebook messenger offers unlimited participants.
  • Group Meetings: Meetings in zoom are limited to only 40 minutes whereas there is no such limit in Facebook messenger group calls.
  • Service: Zoom is a new service to sign up for many people whereas Facebook messenger already has billions of people using it.

Facebook messenger somehow does beat the Zoom app but there are reasons people still prefer using Zoom. People who prefer keeping the business contacts separate from personal contacts would go for Zoom. It will be interesting to see how people will respond to this new messenger desktop app. And also if Zoom can keep up with the growth as businesses are working remotely. Zoom users have increased from 20 million to 200 million in the past few months. Messenger for desktop app is now available to download from the App Store and Microsoft store.

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