Facebook has released a new 14 pages guide for the video creators that gives practical tips on enhancing your video content and ways to boost audience engagement on the social network. This guide is divided into two parts – the first part provides six tips on keeping production and enhancing your content library.

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Facebook Video Guide
Image Source: Social Media Today

Every tip has its own overview section, having particular detail on how users can implement it in their approach.

Facebook video guide overview section
Image Source: Social Media Today

The second part aims at building an online community and fan engagement on Facebook, along with other six tips to prompt response.

facebook video guide seconf part
Image Source: Social Media Today

There are also some important notes- Facebook gives specific overviews and explanations for each, which will help out you to better map your video strategy.

Facebook video guide notes
Image Source: Social Media Today

These are basically helpful notes that will help your own thinking even if you happen to be building your own community on Facebook for some time. And considering video content performing better than any other post type on Facebook particularly at a time of global lockdowns, it is worth giving a shot for your approach to video uploads.

Facebook’s Statement

“Since launching Live video on Facebook, users have made over 8.5 billion broadcasts and Live viewers increased in the U.S. by 50%, just during February and March 2020.”

It is certainly worth checking out and to consider in your planning. Users can download the full here on “best practices for video creators guide

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