Facebook has added a new ‘Quiet Mode feature’ to help users manage their Facebook usage. As people are spending more time on social media platforms during the COVID-19 lockdown. It provides information to users as to how they are spending their time in the app.

Quiet Mode Option
Image Source: Social Media Today

As Explained By Facebook

As Explained By Facebook
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Users can manually select whether to turn on the quiet mode straight away or schedule a time when you want to stop receiving Facebook notifications. If you go on to access your Facebook during the quiet period, a notifier like this will pop up on the screen.

Image Source: Social Media Today

Users will not receive any notification during the quiet time and won’t be able to see those red dots on the app icon. Notification like privacy updates and legal alerts will still be received by users even when you are in your quiet time period. Facebook has provided many options over time to help control your notifications, like specific settings for those red dot alerts. Quiet Mode feature contains all in one, making it easier for users to set aside free time. Which facebook claims to be very helpful to maintain work/life balance with everyone working from home during the current lockdown.

Facebook updated it’s Your Time On Facebook section, which displays the overview of the time you are spending in the app.

Time On Facebook
Image Source: Social Media Today


Facebook at first introduced its time spent feature in 2018, but this new addition provides more insights and includes weekly comparisons. This update feature also includes your activity log so you can figure what you have been doing on the app. Given the people are making more use of social media to stay connected during this lockdown, it makes sense to set some boundaries to the time we spend on these apps, so as to focus and give some time to your family and work.

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