Online social media Facebook in the beginning of 2017has started rolling out its fake news identification tools, starting in Germany.


New Tools Rely on its Algorithms

Facebook initially uncovered its fake news-oriented updates in December, following a mounting backfire accusing the spread of misleading and hyper-partisan content on its site for “influencing” the U.S. decision. The organization’s new tools depend on its algorithms, client revealing, and outsider actuality checking associations that are signatories.


Corrective Aids Facebook

One of the external organizations that aided Facebook was Corrective. Corrective’s managing director, David Schraven, told German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that he first met Facebook in the fall of last year to discuss fake news. Schraven further added that the litmus test for his organization will be to monitor news on Facebook related to regional elections in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia, in May.


Facebook Works Closely with German Officials

Throughout the election, Facebook “worked closely with German officials on a number of initiatives to fight disinformation and make Facebook a safer and more secure environment for genuine civic engagement.”


Supporting National and International Media Partners

Moreover, the social networking platform tested related articles in order to combat fake news while promoting a “healthy civic discourse.” On election night it even supported national and international media partners to provide context on incoming results.

Although these endeavors did not ultimately eliminate all fake news, activities made the expansion of broken data less widespread, admits Facebook.

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