Facebook has declared a new partnership with Spotify for the expansion. The new partnership will help users to listen to and share music and podcast on Facebook in-stream. Now, there will be no need for a third-party app.

Spotify and Facebook already have a couple of collaborations which include sharing a song on users’ profiles. Further, users can easily share Spotify links within the Facebook and Instagram stories.


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The new feature, which will introduce a miniplayer experience within Facebook, will make it easier for you to connect your Spotify listening experience with your Facebook community. You can share what you’re listening to with your friends and others who share your interests. And if you want, you can tell them why it’s meaningful to you.

Apart from this, Facebook is also looking to launch its own in-app podcast player. This tool will be different from the Spotify collaborations. If a new tool comes in between Spotify features then the collaboration between the two platforms might get affected.

The tool is in a development process, therefore, it is difficult to say how it will come up to the audience.

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