With Snapchat’s Augmented Reality in full form, Facebook is getting on-board to use AR in their Stories feature. Under this latest feature, the user needs to use a single Facebook camera to click a picture, modify them using AR technology or twist it up into Instagram Boomerang GIF.


What Facebook has to say on this latest development?

John Barnett, the Camera Product Manager of Facebook stated “We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them”. The company is naming their feature “3D Drawing”.


How the user can use it?

  • The user can use it by holding up his phone to get an image of the outside world. Even the scribbles will stay in one place when the user is moving his camera
  • The user can enter his comment before start creating the video. The user can use the AR doodles as well. Moreover, Facebook is looking forward to add brushes that the user can use to put on some pastel colors.


More about AR Effect

Facebook firstly released AR Effect last year in April. And now it has introduced the effect on real posters and QR codes. They believe that their new effort would bring in more user engagement.

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