In the coming weeks, Facebook will try advanced “Topic Exclusion Controls” for the advertisers. This helps the advertisers to pause their ads from their home feed section itself. It is totally based on the brand suitability preferences.


Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding & Releases New Messaging Features

Explanation Given By Facebook

We are planning to test a solution that will allow an advertiser to select a topic, like ‘Crime and Tragedy’. That selection would help define how we’ll show the ad on Facebook, including News Feed. For example, a children’s toy company may want to avoid content related to a new crime show, so they could select the “Crime and Tragedy” topic.

Facebook Topic Exclusion

To be very specific, Facebook already has some tools for advertisers. For instance, Last September itself, Facebook allow advertisers to hide their ads from being displayed in video content.

At present, Facebook gives exclusion on the following topics:

  • News
  • Politics
  • Gaming
  • Religious and Spiritual

The new testing has a whole set of new categories and for the content shown on the News Feeds. This considered being more difficult for the advertisers as it has less space for personalization.

Facebook Says

This product development as well as testing and learning in News Feed will take much of the year. These are new controls, and it’s important we build them with safeguards to protect people’s privacy as we continue to move forward.


This seems to be an amazing prospect but it is difficult to implent. But the way mobile usage is increasing seems to be a justified step towards the brands. This helps them to avoid negative and bad placements for their products.

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