Facebook Messenger has updated its Messenger chat plug-in for websites, by which businesses will be able to directly send messages to the visitors on their websites via a pop-up chat window. Designs and Format of the plug-in have been updated which makes the plug-in easier to integrate into the website. The main change is  Visitors can message directly without logging into Messenger.

Facebook Updated Chat Plugins For Businesses to Reach More Customers
Image Source – Facebook

The above image shows the new design of the chat plug-in, with an option provided to start a conversation as a guest.

According to Facebook

“Guest chats” will end when the user decides to end the chat from the More menu, or 24 hours from the start of the conversation, whichever comes first. The guest name will appear as “Guest” followed by a short numeric string.”

“The transcript of these “guest chats” will remain on the guest user’s browser for up to 24 hours. Businesses, however, will retain a copy of the conversation in their inbox even after the chat expires until they delete it.”

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Facebook also said that businesses using new chat plug-in will see a 45% increase in the inquiry.

Facebook was asked a number of times before the launch of this plug-in but there were no details about it. Now it is available to all the business globally and can be implemented from Facebook Page Setting.

Ways to Set-Up Plug-In

For all websites, use the following steps:

  1. On your Facebook Page, click ‘Settings’ and select ‘Messaging’
  2. Scroll down to ‘Add Messenger to your website’, click ‘Get Started’
  3. You can customize the plug-in. Set a greeting message, response time and theme color to suit your business needs. Enter the website domain(s) you’d like to add Messenger to. An example of a website domain is https://jaspers-market.com
  4. Once you’ve finished, the setup tool will automatically generate a code that you can copy/paste to your web page.”

Ways to Set-Up Plug-In
Image Source – socialmediatoday

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