As people looking for more ways to find entertainment amid the pandemic, gaming has seen significant growth in 2020. Considering this, Facebook has published its Games Marketing Insights update for 2021, which showcases key usage trends and notes. The results also highlight pointers for marketers, firstly gaming growth, Facebook states that mobile gaming specifically saw huge growth in all the regions:


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Gaming audience growth
Image Source: Facebook

Facebook states that 70% of people spending more time on mobile devices in 2020, which does make sense as most of us moved to mobile apps for entertainment amid lockdowns.

Statement By Facebook

New mobile gamers (people who started playing after the outbreak) are significantly younger than existing players (people who were playing before) in the US, UK and Germany.

This could spark new habitual behaviors that will influence how these users communicate throughout their life. Facebook also notes that these mobile gamers are willing to spend more money in-game than existing players.

Monthly spend by gamers
Image Source: Facebook

The hard part here is estimating how these game trends will come out in the wake of pandemic. Facebook also notes that many gamers used games as a social outlet, instead of in-person meet-ups.

Player social preferences
Image Source: Facebook

It is therefore a relevant point that people are moving towards games as a way of connection as much as entertainment. Facebook in terms of monetizations and opportunity for the marketers states that there is general acceptance that ads are a part of the gaming experience. This opens a door for promotional opportunities and it does not mean that those gamers are taking in the context of every ad they are displayed, they are open to ad-supported models, which is the initial step in enhancing ad effectiveness.

One of the top reasons for spending money on the games among US gamers is personalizing characters with custom items was a key motivator.

personalizing characters
Image Source: Facebook

This could provide huge opportunities for the fashion brands, as seen on Snapchat digital wardrobe integrations from Levi’s and Jordan, to dress up your bitmoji characters, while Pokemon Go has recently rolled out a new collaboration with the North Face on digital avatar items. These apps have millions of users, who are all looking to use their digital avatars as representations of an ideal self.  The brand association can be significantly powerful and could open up huge avenues for promotion.

Digital avatars brand association
Image Source: Pokemongolive

There is a lot more in Facebook’s full “Games Marketing Insights” report, which you can download with email sign-up. The opportunity for gaming is huge and marketers can tap into this audience can get the huge potential to enhance their brand performance.

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