Initially launching its new video and photo transfer tool for users in Ireland back in December last year, Facebook has recently expanded the option for users in the Canada and US. Users with the help of this tool can transfer all of their Facebook videos and photos to Google photos.

Facebook’s Announcement

Facebook's Announcement
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Facebook provides users the option to transfer your Facebook content to Google Photos to save your memories and share them through other outlets. The process of downloading and moving all of your Facebook content is easy to do-

Facebook Transfer Steps
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen, Facebook released the option for Ireland users initially before expanding out to other regions. The US is the last to get access to this tool which is generally not the way tools like these are rolled out. This might reflect Facebook’s expanding its international user base. The Facebook final plan is to allow users to transfer their Facebook data to any other platform that is part of the Data Transfer Project. It started an initiative with big tech companies that focus on providing access and ownership of your online information.

Explanation On DTP Website

Explanation on DTP website
Image Source: Social Media Today

The current list of DTP contributors includes Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, and Microsoft. Considering the level of information users post online it is necessary for users to keep control and ownership over the content. If in case a platform gets shut down that means all of your data is gone then- which is one of the reasons that show the importance of data sharing capacity.

Facebook’s move with google photos is leading to early development and it is great to see both the tech giants collaborating to promote greater sharing.



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