Facebook is expanding the testing of its new listings of the hashtag usage statistics in its post composer when recommending related tags to add to your post.

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Tweet By Matt Navarra

As you can see in the above tweet, the recommended tag listings not only display the top tags on the basis of the predictive text but also shows that listing of how many posts are there already on Facebook with that tag. It is same as Instagram’s Explore listings, which shows the usage stats of the hashtag in the search suggestions.

Instagram Explore Listings
Image Source: Social Media Today

As Facebook owns Instagram, it already has the source code for such a process like that and it makes clear sense to add it to the Facebook composer which will help businesses and users to find the popular hashtags to enhance the reach of their posts. Facebook has been focusing more on hashtags usage on the main platform with new particular prompts on using hashtags “to enhance your reach” and trend-based hashtags to get more community engagement.

Hashtag usage
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new hashtag usage listings at that time were available for few, including the main page, but it does not appear to be seen by everyone yet.

Facebook Hashtags
Image Source: Social Media Today

This new feature could be an interesting way to get into the wider conversation, and for Facebook to promote the usage of hashtags. It will be worth considering in your approach.

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