Facebook is working on a new “Hit Me Up” sticker for Facebook stories which will allow users to send messages to the story creator directly by clicking on the sticker. It is similar to Instagram’s “DM Me” sticker but with a different look.

Hit Me Up Sticker
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new Hit Me Up sticker will facilitate more engagement considering the rise in the use of stories and messaging during the lockdown. Messaging activity has increased by 50% over the last few months on WhatsApp and Messenger. As people are looking for ways to stay in touch, this sticker will generate more conversation and provide users options to stay connected while apart.

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By putting up this simple prompt in your story shows that you are interested in chatting, it could offer message interactions and can help put off some loneliness during this social distancing period. Again, as we noted on the Instagram “DM Me” option it could also lead to problems. As people would want private messages via the prompt from stories, it could also allow unwanted messages which could be problematic specifically for younger users. Users still will be able to set a limit to who can see their story and block unknown responders, but expanding your invite for messaging could create problems.


On the other hand, it does make sense and the usage will show it could be a good option. It is expected to roll out soon within a few weeks. From a marketing and brand perspective, it could be another CTA prompt to connect with customers.

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