Since few days Facebook has been more concised towards video contents and that’s why it has been testing as well as implementing several updates related to videos and many more.


Revamped videos tab with suggested clips for Android Users

Now some of the Android users can see an extra tab of videos containing suggested clips as shown below.



What is the source of the videos

This feature is somewhat similar to YouTube. The new tab features an endless stream of videos and the source would be:

  • Videos from your network.
  • Pages you have followed.
  • Clips you friends have liked or share.

Enjoy video clips within categories

Additionally, you can opt for any of your favorite categories from videos from several options such as entertainment, animals, comedy, lifestyle, news and sports.


Not only latest videos are available

It is not necessary that it shows only latest videos, some of them are new whereas some of them are few months older.


Why to add this fetaure

Facebook has added this feature with the perception that users may like this and they can enjoy the videos based on their network and browing history in Facebook.


The feature will soon be available for all users

As this feature is under tesing that’s why only several users can see this feature and Facebook may soon make it available for all users. Well some users can have this tab but don’t have categories options.


New Fun Camera Features Of Facebook

Facebook has introduced new fun camera features to Android and iOS users which will let you create and share fun images or videos with your friends.


How to use the new camera feature:

New camera icon is available at the upper right corner of the Android app and bottom left of the iOS app.


Varities of effect to add

You can add effect with the wide sorts of options for: effects, masks, and frames.



Sharing options

After creating a video clip or fun image you can share it with different styles:

  • Share to your story.

From where your friends can view it for 24 hours before it’s disappearance.

  • Share to your Facebook page.

It is just like your other standard facebook post which will show on your friend’s news feed and will live on your profile.

  • Share to your friends directly.

This is just like the way you send a message to your friends and your friends can see it total of two times in 24 hours before it disappears.

  • Save and share to other apps.

If you want to use your creation outside of Facebook you can save it to your phone wih save option and can share with your friends via any app.

Add Text, Check-Ins and Videos to Facebook Album

Facebook has now updated its Photo Album and now it is not just limited to only images. Now you can add videos, Check-ins and Texts along along with images.



Follow the albums

Additionaly, Facebook allows you to Follow or unFollow the albums. Unlike status updates, albums are designed to collect  contents over the time at one location but the only disadvantage is that it may be overlooked in the news feed. The follow feature makes sure that you never miss an update to the album.  Alternatively you can turn the notification on and off but still the contents of the album will never be missed.


Collbrated source can be used to create Album

You can invite others to add their own content to the albums. For instance, you had a group trips then the entire group can share the contents to a single album.


Tag an album as favorite

If you tag an album as your favorite then it will be highlighted as favorite album in your profile and it will need a public privacy setting.


The feature will be ready for all users soon

The feature is still under testing and now it is available for some of the Android users only. iOS users will have this feature soon in nearby future.


Facebook Cover Video

Now Facebook user can change their cover photos to cover videos.



Facebook made a statement about the feature is that,

By making cover video available, we want to help you create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover”.


How to create cover videos

Cover video can be made in the same fashion as cover image. You just have to take care of its time duration and dimesion which would be between 20-90 seconds and 820×312 pixels respectively. Additionally, you can loop it in any way you want.


How it will show to others

If someone visits your page then it will automatically start to play. By default, the video will be muted and you can unmute it with the buttons available at bottom right corner.


It will be surprisingly available for all users soon

This feature is still under testing and soon will be available for all users.


Facebook profile video

Facebook allows you to add video of 7 seconds as facebook profile video which will appear on the top of your profile as your profile photo.


Only Android and iOS user can use this feature

Currently it is available only for Android and iOS users and it will be available for all users soon.


Less controll over profile video

Profile videos are public so that anyone can view on the contrary that you have more control over your profile photo.

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