Apps with names like Antivirus security etc. appears to be genuine anti-virus (AV) has been spotted on Google Play Store and have seen over lakh downloads.


Main Purpose of The Apps

Fake apps with the name virus cleaner and antivirus security appear to be genuine Anti-virus(AV) apps over Google Play Store have been spotted & seen over of lakhs of downloads already. These apps copying the functionalities of a real App and have functions like “scan device for viruses” and the main purpose of these apps is to show advertisements and increase the download count.


What They Have?

These apps only have a predefined list of fake or clean apps and the list appears to be static. They also have a predefined package list with few blacklist package names and list of blacklist activities. They use the list to show final scan results which also contains a list of predefined permissions & uses it to show risks related to it.


Do These Apps Actually have a correlation with Security?

These apps don’t have any functionalities related to security issues. Their main motive is just to show a fake virus spotting alert & hence showing ads. In short, they do nothing in the name of security.

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