Though Snapchat keeps with the interest of youngsters on its grasp, it has shifted its attention towards money aspect and brought about its revamped Ad Manager platform by bringing on other elements like ‘Snap Pixel’ for the advertisers.


About the New Snap Ads Manager

With its latest upgraded look, the ad creation process has become easier to handle and post. Along with this Snapchat has also added numerous ad tools like Business Manager, Ads Manager, Snap Publisher- a very important tool used in creating Snap ads, into one platform.


About ‘Audience Filters’

These are branded Geofilters which can be purchased from upgraded Ads Manager. With such a feature, it is going target the ads differently than the previous Sponsored Geofilters that could only be aimed at specific locations. But in Audience Filters, audiences are targeted and not a particular location.


The Comment about Audience Filters

Marketing Land commented “Audience Filters can be targeted based on people’s age, gender, language, the type of device they are using and Snap Lifestyle Categories. These filters can also be targeted by location, though at a much broader level than Sponsored Geofilters. Instead of setting up pinpointed geofences, brands can aim Audience Filters at people nationwide or zoom into certain regions (states, provinces and so on), metro areas or ZIP codes.”


Introducing Goal-based Bidding

The Goal-based Bidding is like a score system which is used by other platforms as well. This type of system is used to improve the ad performance and bring in more ad spend as per the audience response on ads.

Snapchat said “The more a Filter is shared, the more cost effective it is. Advertisers bid on Shares (counted when a Snapchatter shares a Snap featuring the Filter), so the more engaging and relevant a creative is, the more efficient the eCPM (Paid + Earned Impressions).”

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