Snapchat is introducing a new ‘Snap Pixel’, a conversion tracking tool that will help the advertisers in learning about the traffic that is coming on their sites through Snapchat Ads. Previously, Snapchat introduced Context Cards to help brands in gaining more audience.


About Snap Pixel

Like the usual tracking tool, this tool will also inject a pixel code to the required sites or pages and track the traffic generated by them. These data will be tracked by Snapchat’s Ad Manager giving them easily accountable data.


What Marketing Land said about this?

Marketing Land commented “Advertisers will be able to select from nine predefined conversion events, but eventually, they’ll be able to create their own custom events. The currently available conversion events are:

  • Purchase
  • Save
  • Start Checkout
  • Add to Cart
  • View Content
  • Add Billing
  • Sign Up
  • Search
  • Page View

What Snap Pixel brings to the advertisers?

Snapchat has a higher social engagement between friends than any other social app as predicted by Sparkler. But for a marketing success and creating content that attracts more traffic and user engagement, Snap Pixel is the best available option for advertisers. Though it will be tracking some referral ads, lately it will also re-target people that have once visited their sites.


More features by Snapchat

With the collaboration with popular Netflix program ‘Stranger Things’ that is undergoing the second season, Snapchat has introduced a new promotional Lens.


About Lens

This will take the user into a virtual world, by setting the feature as a regular Lens or by using Shazam functionality. This will provide the chance for advertisers to reach their customers in an organic way.

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