Snapchat is now under a constant buzz with first being its 3D Visual Art Installation and now with the Context cards. Snapchat believes this new feature will help the brands and the users.


About Context Cards

This newly added feature will provide information about location or any event with just a swipe in the screen.

What Snapchat has to say?

Snapchat stated “Context Cards also provide a way to take simple actions like calling for a ride with Uber or Lyft or reserving a table through OpenTable, Resy or Bookatable”


A point to remember

Context Cards won’t be available in every snap, they will be included on those Snaps that are tagged in the Geofilter of a company or any snap that have been submitted to the ‘Our Story’ feed.


A boon to businesses

Now businesses could be more active on Snapchat. A business could purchase a custom Geofilter to make business more prevalent on Snap Map, giving the users an opportunity to look over the business. Even Snapchat plans to allow businesses to add custom images and info to their Context Cards.


More benefits for the businesses

These Context Cards could help in encouraging more partnership on the platform where the businesses could pay for some influencers to visit their site and add the tags for the Context Cards to show them


Snapchat still has a long way to go

Though Snapchat brought about the Context Cards on its platform, Snap Inc. stock has lost 40% of its value and has seen a drop in an audience with the rise of Instagram and its new tactics for helping businesses.

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