With its automated ad suggestions, Google’s AdWords scripts are getting some modification on the new AdWords interface making it easier for the advertisers to manage.


List of the changes being made

  • 500 scripts logs per page with filtering by date
  • A precise time for the script to run
  • Find out who added a script to the account
  • Filters based on creator’s name
  • Duplication of existing scripts

            Where to find the scripts

The AdWords script will be found in the three-dot menu, under the section of ‘Bulk Actions’. When the user reaches there through his MCC account, he will find MCC-level scripts.

The Features: Then & Now

Though a single script will run per hour, but now Google will indicate at what time during the previously selected hour the script will run in future.

Another added feature is that a new column is there to inform about the creator of the script. A script when created in a chid account will appear with the name of the logged-in user as unlike old interface or MCC interface where the scripts seemed assigned to “Your Google Account Team”.

The feature of Duplicate

A copy of the script could be made with the help of Duplicate option under Action Menu

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