E-commerce giant Flipkart in a bid to compete with its rival Amazon is offering a  string of discount to its consumers. After Softbank’s investment of $2.5 in Flipkart, the eCommerce giant is ready for its first battle with Amazon when their annual sales are going to kick off.


Amazon and Flipkarts capital investment

Amazon  is investing its capital in areas where it need to catch up with Flipkart like fashion and large appliances. JeffBezos-led behemoth has pumped capital into its India business last year with its annual spends surpassing $1 billion in 2016. Whereas Flipkart which raised it capital lately has gone slow on its monthly spend on discounting and promotions.


Amazon’s discounts

In the course of recent months, be that as it may, Amazon’s month to month spends on rebates and advancements is around $80 million (over Rs 500 crore) every month, while Flipkart is accepted to have raised the stakes in the run-up to the deal season.


Flipkart’s dig at Amazon

Last year Flipkart took a dig at Amazon as the e-commerce giant focused on selling daily consumables and household products. This year, Flipkart is planning to push categories with pilots in grocery business  and also in daily consumables like furniture and its private labels, including in its Billion Brand.


Flipkart’s plan to offer EMI on Debit Cards

Flipkart intends to offer EMIs on check cards this year alongside a large number of shopper financing projects to help offers of high esteem things. Amazon, as well, has comparable financing and trade programs, alongside a huge piece of cash going to manufacture infrastructure for quicker conveyances for Prime individuals.


E-tailers share           

Gross sales is overall sales on an online market place, excluding discounts and returns, out of which e-tailers take a share that ranges from 5-15% as their margin. Undoubtedly, both Amazon and Flipkart were relied upon to clock about Rs 12,000 crore of offers last happy season however they missed the mark regarding it. But examiners believe that  this wont happen this year as the deal is being subsidized by the profound pockets of Amazon’s money stores and Flipkart financial specialists.

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