With Softbank’s investment of $2.5 billion, Indian electronic ecommerce gaint Flipkart is planing to invest and grow some its high margin categories as the firm is competing with Amazon.


Flipkart’s share in Television cateogry

Flipkart is currently planing to grow its market share in television category by three items to 20%  by March 2018. “For the television category , we currently own 6-7% of the overall market including online and offline (channels). In the upcoming festive period, we want to hit high double-digit growth,” said Sandeep Karwa, the head of large appliances at Flipkart. He further adds that the firm is looking forward to claim 20% of the overall market share  by March 2018.


Selling Vu televisions

A lion’s offer of this development will originate from the offers of Vu Televisions, a select accomplice for the web based business firm, shaping 35-40% of the last’s income share in the TV classification. This would imply that Vu Televisions would frame 8% of the whole piece of the pie by March 2018, taking the brand to the number 3 or 4 spot in the market, as indicated by the organization.

Vu televisions has largely benefited from Flipkart’s focus, a move that saw the brand clock 200%  growth in its first two months of financial year 2018. “We have grown 150% in the first half of 2017 with Flipkart. We closed FY17 with revenues of about Rs 480-500 crore of which 70% came from Flipkart,” said Devita Saraf, CEO of Vu Technologies.


Flipkart’s television sales

For Flipkart, higher normal offering costs and higher edges enable TV deals to frame 55-60% of the general deals in the vast machines classification. The firm has been patching up the extensive apparatuses vertical in an offer to catch 80% of the piece of the pie by this merry season.

While Flipkart declined to share edges for its TV class, industry specialists peg the TV vertical to clock between 8-20% gross edges online with some costly models instructing considerably more.

Large appliances forms the biggest category in terms of revenue for the ecommerce giant . currently at 3-4% revenue pie, Flipkart is looking forward to scale the share appliances to 12-15% by march 2018.

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