Twitter brought about the feature of the video card on its platform that will combine a video with a website preview instead of a simple text link. Even new Twitter ads have been designed to make the interaction between users and business more personalized.

About Video Cards

This new feature mixes the video with web page preview rather than a simple text link with video. This will let the users learn more about the website with such a display.

How will this help?

With the web page given below will load the videos when the link is followed grabbing more attention while the website loads. This also shows that more autoplay videos will be used for advertisements.

What will do for the businesses?

Twitter believes that this new look has 2 times higher click-through- rate as the videos are involved in this new strategy. And the link to the video will prolong the conversation. Even the company is deciding to prioritize the video views or website clicks in their campaigns.

What did Twitter say on this?

Sean Huang, a Twitter team member stated “The Video Website Card is designed to work across a variety of brand objectives, as well as in the gray spaces that often exist between objectives,” “So whether a brand is pairing the Video Website Card with the high reach of First View to announce a product launch, inviting travelers to click through to learn more about a featured destination, or showcasing gameplay to drive advance sales of a new video game, the Video Website Card removes friction for the consumer to engage, learn, or convert at their own rate.”

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