Google recently added a few new tricks to its Lens visual identification tool, which includes an option to scan in the handwritten text which then can be shared with various applications in just one tap. Google initially launched this ability to scan handwritten notes feature back in 2017 but with this integrated addition, it enables users to share digital translated text across Google surfaces.

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It shows a “Copy to my Computer” option within your lens options. It will save a lot of time for those users who still take handwritten notes. Along with this Google has also added an option to look up specific terms within text through the lens, which means if you do not understand any term then you can scan it and do a quick Google search. It also added a “Listen” option to the translates options to help you understand how a term sounds like when spoken.


The use of AR tools and visual identification is evolving and it is interesting to have tools like this. The new options from Google are interesting and such tools will become crucial elements of interaction by people in the future. Users can make use of the Lens feature as it is available now on both Android and iOS.


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