Google has announced a small addition to Google Search Console. Users now have the option to copy the URL to the clipboard by clicking on a tool-tip icon when you hover over a URL.

As Per The Announcement

As Per The Announcement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Copy to clipboard
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Copy To Clipboard

The effect of user experience on simply hovering over an icon and copying the URL to the clipboard is larger. Earlier users have to highlight a URL and then click on it, now publishers can easily hover over and click on it to copy.

Positive Response By Users

Enhance Workflow

Many of the twitter users have stated that this addition has been an improvement to their workings.

Improves Workflow
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Copy to clipboard button
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Much Awaited Addition By SEO Community And Publishers

A lot of users were waiting for improvement like this. Fili Wiese, Ex-Googler said he has been waiting for something like this for years. Fili’s comment reflects everything he wanted to say about user experience.

Fili says
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Another SEO/Publisher adds on how he had been waiting for this feature to come out to Google Search Console:

Another SEO publisher
Image Source: Search Engine Journal


Improvements to user experience increase good feelings for tools and to be more productive. It is interesting to see how Google has been focusing on improving the user experience.



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