Google Ads has changed its “Call Only Ads” to simply “Call Ads” now offering advertisers the option to include a link to their site. The ad unit becomes a little larger after including the “visit website” option.

Call Ads
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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What’s New?

Earlier, Call-only ads were limited to only a single clickable headline which dials up the phone number mentioned by the advertiser automatically. This new feature by Google ads will be an option for the advertisers, not a requirement. It is recommended by Google to make use of this feature so as to avoid mistaken clicks. It will help limit the calls by users who mistakenly think the link in the headline will redirect them to the website the same as other ads do.

How To Activate URL Feature?

When you are setting up a Call Ad, now there is a new option for “Final URL” just as in search ads. This option is marked as a “recommended” option.

Activate URL Feature
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Note the Final URL is different from the Verification URL which is used to confirm the validation of the phone number. Users now can update their existing ads with the new Final URL feature.

How Does The New Call Ads Look Like?

It also contains the option of Display path similar to as in search ads. The call ads will now be displayed to users like this:

New call ads preview
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Call Ads Involve URL Tracking

There are tracking templates fields in the call ads setup screen like in search ads. Users can continue tracking and tagging templates and it will pass through when clicked on the visit website option.

Call ads URL tracking
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Call Ads will follow the same policies as paid search ads do.


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