Google’s update to images provides a new way for website owners to attract more traffic via their photos. Google has added more context to the images in the image results which shows quick facts about what is being displayed in the photos. All the information about places, things, or people are sourced from Google’s Knowledge Graph and are seen under the photos when they are tapped on.

Google Knowledge Graph
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Extra Context Means More Clicks?

Google says that this is intended to help users explore more details by visiting the website pages where the particular image is featured. It is like Google has added a meta description to the image search results and the added context might make images look more appealing. However, it is not exactly the same as that because photos and the information appearing underneath are originated from different sources.

Results From Different Sources
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Results are sourced from websites all over the web but the facts for every image is sourced from the Knowledge Graph. In the above picture, you can see how the image is from the site where it is featured whereas the additional information is from a different source. Website owners have to do nothing about it as Google will automatically enhance your image search snippets.

Traffic Opportunity

If you have content in Google’s Knowledge Graph then there are more chances to have those links displayed in search results. Wikipedia is not the only site in Google’s Knowlege Graph as Google takes information from hundreds of sites across the web.

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Official Google Help Page Statement

“Facts in the Knowledge Graph come from a variety of sources that compile factual information. In addition to public sources, we license data to provide information such as sports scores, stock prices, and weather forecasts.

We also receive factual information directly from content owners in various ways, including from those who suggest changes to knowledge panels they’ve claimed.”

Not everyone can submit information to the Knowledge Graph by possessing a knowledge panel as they either must be an entity featured in the Knowledge Panel or represent one. It is a must to claim your business knowledge panel if you have not already. If your business has photos published on the web then your knowledge graph information could be surfaced on the web under the images. This feature will roll out to mobile search results in the US.

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