Google Ads has declared a new version of summary views for the user interface. The main aim of making new summary views is to make it easier for the advertisers to manage their campaigns. Following are the metrics that are included in the new summary view:

  • Performance At Glance
  • Performance Custom Recommendation
  • Quick Creation And Edit Of Campaigns
  • Easiest Way To Manage Keywords


WhatsApp Will Come Up With Many New Features This Week

New Summary View Interface

The new summary view will give you a more comprehensible version of the account. User can see al the campaigns that he/she has created in the form of lists. Every campaign card gives you a brief summary of the performance and status of that particular campaign.

The updated version of the summary view might help advertisers if they have a lesser amount of campaigns on their accounts.

Users can easily access the new summary version by going to the ‘Tools & Settings’ icon which is present in the user interface.


Image Credits: Search Engine Roundtable

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