Google declared that there will be some changes in the Google Ads phrase match and match modifier keywords. Google’s phrase match now will no longer support broad match modifier. Instead of this, it will “Broad Match Modifier Traffic.”

As for now, the changes are not implemented but in the coming week or two changes will be live.


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Changes In Phrase Match

At present, advertisers are using broad match in the form +moving +services +Delhi +to +Lucknow that might show for the query “moving services Delhi to Lucknow.” But there is also a possibility that your ad might come on “moving services Lucknow to Delhi” that actually not serve the advertiser purpose.

Phrase Match Add Broad Match Modifier Traffic
Image Credit: Google

The new phrase match will make the word’s sequence intact and it is important to the meaning. Here are some more examples that are shown by Google:

Broad match modifier keyword

Queries that will no longer match after the update

+resume +services

what are some customer service skills to put on a resume

+best +sneakers

best prices on sneakers for toddler

+used +printers

companies that used daisy wheel printers


Phrase match keyword

Queries that will match after the update

“holidays in Zambia”

holiday spots in Zambia

“long sleeve dress”

long sleeve lace dress

“women boots”

new women’s size 37 boot 

Tweet By Google Ads


There is no need to combine both keywords because changes are rolling out to both types of keywords.  With this, advertisers will be able to manage their performance data.

It’s advised for the advertiser to have a look at their ongoing campaign performances on different metrics as it might fluctuate your data.

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