Google Ads: Instant Match Rates Now Available for Customer Match List

Google announced that match rate data is now also available for customer match list. When advertisers upload a customer list, Google now shows them the approximate match rate.


API Version 7.0 Of Google Ads Is Now Available


Image Source: Google

One can see the estimated match rate after the user upload the customer list.

Tips To Improve your Match Rate

Google Recommends to add more and more information of your customers in orders to get the maximum benefit & increase your match rate. The advertisers who uploaded two types of customer list saw an average increase in list size of 28% & the advertisers who upload the three types of customer list can saw an average increase in list size of 35%.

According to Google’s internal Data: After updation, Traffic & Conversion for customer match list increase by an average of 17%.


Image Source: Google

Google automatically displays suggestions on a recommendation page to remind you to update your list. Apart from that, solving formatting problems can also help increase the match rate.


Earlier, advertisers will have to wait and see what their match rate was. Immediate availability can help contextualize performance expectations and correct errors in their lists more quickly if match rates appear inaccurate.


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