Google Ads has declared new advancements to their lead form extensions. The two new features will help provide better controls for the advertisers and making it more efficient to create and manage leads.


WhatsApp Will Come Up With Many New Features This Week

Lead Form Extensions

Advertisers have worked in many ways to get to the users as early as possible in their journey to become a user. As tracking grew over time so did the recognition that touchpoints prior to purchasing should be measured and advertised for. Facebook Ads started the ad units where users submit their email automatically without going off the platform. This sort of easy experience was appealing to advertisers, who were finding it difficult to get users off a platform and onto their website. The new functions announced today should address at least two of these issues.

Share Your Lead Forms With Ease

The lead form extensions can be applied and shared among all the types of campaigns easily. It has been added through the “Ads and Extensions” option.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

It then redirects advertisers to create the form, ad copy, and the submission message.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Extra Question Options For Advertisers

There are premade questions for the users to answer in the lead form extensions. Clicking the “Question” option shows up a list organized by vertical:

Question Option
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Lead Gathering Automation

Another difficulty with the lead forms was to get the sign-ups. Advertisers had to download them manually into a file, save it, and upload it to their email service provider. This caused a lack of engaged leads or higher-than-usual to unsubscribe rates. To work it out, the Lead Forms can be connected through a webhook. Advertisers can create automation through Zapier if webhook is not in option. This creates an automated routing to a specific email list, or into a CRM. Brands will now have instant access to the lead submissions, eliminating the time delay.

The option can be found in the Lead Form Extension set up located under the “Call to Action” section, marked as “Lead delivery options”

Lead Delivery Option
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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