Google has added two new features to the Google Ads mobile app to help advertisers to manage and enhance campaign performance while on the go.


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The new feature includes:

  • Custom Notifications about the performance of the campaign and changes in status.
  • Performance Insights on the changes in the performance of the campaign.

Custom Notifications

Google now lets advertisers set the custom notifications in the Google Ads mobile app about the things that are important to them. You can see in the example below by Google, how the app has been set to send an alert when the volume of the conversion increase by more than 10%.

Custom Notifications
Source: Google

In order to set a custom notification, you have to first go to the Settings page and opt in to notifications if you have not done it already. After that click on the custom notifications to set your own alerts.

Performance Insights

Performance insights will help advertisers to keep track of their campaigns when they are not at a computer.

Performance Insights
Source: Google

The Google Ads mobile app will send real-time alerts whenever there is a huge change in any of these latest added performance insights. Google Ads will provide details about how the change has occurred and give recommendations on how to solve the issues.


These new updates by Google are now available to use in the latest version of the Google Ads mobile app on iOS and Android.

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