Google informed a few months back, it has been working on the Insight page in Google Ads. This makes it easy for exploring insights and emerging trends which suit your business. It will be out for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia for a few months.

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As Said By Google:

To help you stay on top of these emerging trends and more, we’re rolling out the Insights page as a beta over the next few weeks, available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, with more countries to follow.

Discover insights tailored to your business

The Insights page makes it easy for you to explore insights and emerging trends based on your business. Let’s say you’re a pet store looking to reach more customers. With the Insights page, you can see rising demand for “dog subscription boxes” and “dog toys”. You can then act on these trends by creating campaigns to reach new pet owners, or even explore selling dog care packages.

Main Reasons For Recommending Insights

  1. Get insights tailored to your business: The Page search for the best trend across Google that best fits your products and services.
  2. Understand your performance:  It will help the owner understand more detailed account information for a better opportunity and increase performance
  3. Act on recommendations: Insights are integrated with the account Recommendations, making it easy to take action.

Left side says "dog subscription boxes are trending compared to last month. Monthly search growth 197%." Right side has a chart of search interest over the last 56 days.
Image Source – Google

More Deep Diving Into Insights

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Image Source – Google

Trends Related Suggestions:

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Image Source – Google

Recommendation System

Recommendation System
Image Source – Google

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