Google a few weeks ago announced that it is rolling out a new ad setting, initially on YouTube and then further on Google Ads to let users see lesser gambling and alcohol ads. Users are now able to use this new setting in the Google Ads settings panel.


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Here is how it looks like-

Ad categories on youtube
Image Source: Google

Currently, the “Ad categories on YouTube” settings are only applicable when you are logged in to your Google Account and currently only affect ads shown on YouTube. The controls for these mentioned ad categories do not appear in every location and you may not get to see this feature. Google states that it will try to do the best not to display these ads when you choose to see fewer but you may still be able to see them when-

  • You might see the gambling, alcohol, or pictures of these activities in an ad (eg. an airline ad displaying someone drinking a glass of champagne).
  • You might see gambling or alcohol ads if you happen to search for one of these topics or if you visit a site that is related to these topics.

Statement By Google

for this initiative, we’ve been working with the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) and its members, the leading beer, wine and spirits producers, taking into account their expertise on standards for responsible alcohol advertising and marketing—and we’re pleased to have their support.


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