Google Ads this week addresses advertisers who are trying to make their sales by picking on user’s fears during the COVID-19.

Google has updated its Inappropriate Content policy, blocking content that:

Disallowing Content
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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List Of Examples It Includes:

  • Selling products in high demand but low in quantity.
  • Using sensitive keywords to increase the click-through rate.
  • Price overcharging

Google added a help page to assist advertisers in evaluating previous strategies and provide examples of words that should be considered carefully. Google’s head of industry released a memo that will reverse the No Coronavirus ad order. Exceptions will be made to trusted organizations such as hospitals, medical centers that are trying to spread relevant information.

Search Engine Platforms Adjusted To Coronavirus Selling Environment

Google Ads had updated its policy to restrict advertisers who are trying to exploit sales during this social crisis. They also recently banned ads that were selling face masks. Other platforms responded quickly to this cause, including Microsoft advertising

Microsoft Spokesperson Statement

Microsoft Spokesperson Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Facebook Ads And Twitter Advancing COVID-19 Resources For Advertisers

Instagram and Facebook Ads started banning ads related to selling of face masks in March. They updated its policy to include disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and COVID-19 testing for people. Facebook also released a COVID-19 resource center for advertisers. These resources include general advice on how to keep updates, playbooks by industry.

Twitter Revises Its Policies

Twitter also bans all the promoted content that is related to COVID-19 excluding the information provided by the trusted approved parties. It is also eliminating ads that contain COVID-19 related keywords.

Twitter Revises Its Policies
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

TikTok And Pinterest Associates With Trusted Health Organizations

Pinterest in its app started directing searches to go to the official content by trusted government organizations such as WHO to avoid any confusion. TikTok has also made a coronavirus specific effort to restrict the spread of misleading information. They donated the in-feed ad space to trusted organizations like Red Cross and WHO.

TikTok And Pinterest Associates With Trusted Health Organizations
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

YouTube Makes Exclusion For Trusted Sources

YouTube had not allowed monetization for Coronavirus content considering their sensitive topic guidelines. It will remove any content that is against its policy or spread the wrong information. Space for ads is limited to trusted people and organizations.



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