Google Analytics introduces four new features for marketers designed to enhance marketing decisions and increase ROI.

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Google Analytics 4 New Features Are:

  • Smarter insights that use machine learning to identify trends.
  • Deeper integration with Google Ads.
  • Customer-centric data measurement.
  • More granular data controls.

Google states a study that displays how marketers find it hard to get an overall view of customers and obtain useful insights from the details.

Statement By Google

To help you get better ROI from your marketing for the long term, we’re creating a new, more intelligent Google Analytics that builds on the foundation of the App + Web property we introduced in beta last year.

It has machine learning at its core to automatically surface helpful insights and gives you a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms.

More to the 4 new features that are available in Google Analytics.

Smarter Insights

Google Analytics now has the ability to alert marketers to important data trends that have been made possible by the use of Google’s existing machine learning models. For example, Google Analytics uses the site data to know the products that are increasing in demand due to new customer needs. This capability will help marketers to predict future decisions customers might take.

For example, it calculates churn probability so you can more efficiently invest in retaining customers at a time when marketing budgets are under pressure.

Smarter Insights
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

The new predictive metrics will be brought in overtime, like estimating the potential revenue marketers can earn some via a defined group of customers. Marketers therefore can make custom audiences in order to reach out to higher value customer groups.

Deeper Google Ads Integration

As mentioned in the above example creating custom audiences on the basis of Google Analytics data is only possible because of deeper integration with Google Ads.

Explanation By Google

With new integrations across Google’s marketing products, it’s easy to use what you learn to improve the ROI of your marketing.

A deeper integration with Google Ads, for example, lets you create audiences that can reach your customers with more relevant, helpful experiences, wherever they choose to engage with your business.

Marketers now get to have a more organized view of their results with the capacity to see conversions from YouTube video views, Google and non-Google paid channels, Google Search, social media, and email.

Customer-Centric Data

Google Analytics has been transformed from measurement fragmented through a device or platform to customer-centric measurement. This new change is designed to provide marketers an overall view of how customers interact with a company. The customer-centric measurement in Google Analytics makes use of various identity spaces that includes marketer-provided User IDs and unique Google signals from users opted into ads personalization.

Explanation By Google

Based on your feedback, we simplified and re-organized reporting so you can intuitively find marketing insights based on the part of the customer journey you’re interested in.

For example, you can see what channels are driving new customers in the user acquisition report, then use the engagement and retention reports to understand the actions these customers take, and whether they stick around, after converting.

New Way To Data Controls 

Google Analytics now provides more granular data controls that the marketers can make use of to control how data is retained and collected. This can help marketers to mention how data should be used for advertising. This overall will help marketers to choose when to use customer data to enhance ads and when to restrict data to measurement only.

According To Google

It uses a flexible approach to measurement, and in the future, will include modeling to fill in the gaps where the data may be incomplete.

This means that you can rely on Google Analytics to help you measure your marketing results and meet customer needs now as you navigate the recovery and as you face uncertainty in the future.

Google advises creating a new ‘Google Analytics 4’ property so as to stay updated with future advancements to GA.

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