Soon, Google Analytics will gather information about the users with the help of machine learning. Google has announced a couple of updates that will give website owners and advertisers relevant data when cookies aren’t available.

There are new privacy methods, that don’t involve Google’s controversial FloC technology. This totally depends on first-party data and machine learning.


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Google Analytics Tracing Without Cookies

Soon, Google utilize will start using machine learning to increase the marketer’s understanding without cookies. This is considered to be an extension of machine learning potential.

It is interesting to notice that Google’s advanced machine learning method is going to be the extended version of reporting in Analytics. These models will eventually fill the gaps when cookies are off.

Google States

Now’s the time to adopt new privacy-safe techniques to ensure your measurement remains accurate and actionable.

Google Consent

With the help of Google’s consent mode, marketers can create a first-party data pool. Consent mode will adjust how Google tags are operated for ads cookies and analytics cookies.

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