Google is adding a new feature of Rich Results that includes home activities. This includes online events. Once an appropriate query is made Google will show Home Activities Rich Results.

This is available on mobile devices and is limited to fitness searches if the website owner has to be eligible for this, the website owner must add an event or video in the structured form.

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As per the announcement made:

Events must be virtual events, not physical events. In the Event structured data, make sure to:

Set eventAttendanceMode to OnlineEventAttendanceMode.

Use the VirtualLocation type for the location property.

Add the location.url property.

Specify the correct timezone. Because there’s no physical location to verify the correct time, setting the right timezone is critical for online events.

For videos, focus on adding the description and duration properties, as these help Google understand what the video is about.

If your video is an upcoming live stream you can add both types of markup (Video and Event), but you don’t have to.

However, if you use Video markup for the live stream, we recommended adding the BroadcastEvent properties and following the LIVE badge guidelines.

Online Events

The events organized information is applicable to real face to face occasions just as virtual occasions. In view of Covid-19 and how users are expending more video events from home, there are extra properties and types that should be utilized.

Event organizers have to use the VirtualLocation type and also set the eventAttendanceMode property to OnlineEventAttendanceMode.

Home Activities Rich Results

Google is right now indicating these rich results for fitness-related exercises as it were. The instances of search inquiries that trigger these rich results on a mobile phone are “online exercise” and “yoga at home. Where these outcomes are demonstrated relies upon the time region showed in the structured data. Google didn’t demonstrate on the off chance that they would grow this to different sorts of home exercises past wellness.

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