Google is improving its activity cards with some new support options for recipes, jobs, and online products. This update in Google Search will help users to search recipes, jobs, and products from they have left earlier.

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Activity Card

Last year only Google has introduced an activity card features so that users can continue from their previous searches. The cards hold the links of previously visited pages with queries that led to those pages.

Activity cards have the exact same designs irrespective of the type of query but from now onwards activity cards are tailored for recipes, jobs, and product queries. This also implies the cards will now have the image of the meals and products. These query cards will be having more information than any other card.

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Recipes Activity Cards

Now activity cards will show more relevant recipes related to your query. For instance, If you have search for paneer recipes then Google will look into the recipes that you have visited recently. The update will give you the image as well to make it easier for you to find the right wish.

Recipes Activity Cards
Source: Android Community

Jobs Activity Cards

The activity cards of jobs will give you the results of the relevant jobs that have been updated since your last search. This will help users to know whether there is some new posting has been made or not. This will save a lot of time as the users don’t need to go through the old ones.

Jobs Activity Cards
Source: Just Android

Online Shopping Cards

Online product-related activity cards will pop up those products that you are searching for. The cards will show the results even when you are not on the actual product page.

Products Activity Cards
Source: Android Community

Activity cards are more useful in searches than the huge number of links lists and queries.

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