Google is revising its two-year-old “Snapshot” feature in Google Assistant for Android and iOS. The company back in 2018 had launched the Google Assistant Snapshot as for mobile users to be on the top of their day, by displaying information like reminders, appointments, stocks, packages in transit, and more. The company as of now is releasing a new set of updates to make the feature more useful which includes push notifications for birthdays, the addition of tasks, and suggestions for things which Google feels like you will want to try like recipes, podcasts, restaurants and more.

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The last feature is performed by data of the user, particularly recent search history, that includes searches that you have done within Google Assistant and other smart devices.

Image Source: TechCrunch

With the help of this update, Google Assistant will recommend recipes you may want to cook, podcasts, or nearby restaurants offering delivery. Snapshots now will show a summary of your important tasks on top of the screen. This could include reminders for holidays and birthdays. The Google Assistant app sends alerts for things like event and flight updates, due date reminders, and upcoming bills as well.

The Google Snapshot feature changes what it displays to you on the basis of the time of the day and your interactions with the Google Assistant. In addition to this Google will now let you say “Hey Google show me my day” to see your Snapshot. This voice feature is live today who have selected English as their default language. Google plans to extend this to more languages over the coming months. The update is launching for the Google Assistant app on Android and iOS.

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