Google declares the inclusion of dynamic exclusion lists to assist the advertisers in managing the negative placements.

Today, when every platform is looking to safeguard the brands over the web, Google’s addition of dynamic exclusion lists will help the marketers and makes it easy for them to manage the negative placements of their campaigns.


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What are Dynamic Exclusion Lists?

Dynamic Exclusion lists are basically the placements exclusions dynamically in order to ease the placement management. This feature also allows marketers to choose the third-party lists as well and automatically keep their exclusions updated for the ongoing campaigns.

According to Google, Dynamic exclusion lists include the web pages or the entire domain. Advertisers need to upload the data through a set range of formats.

Difference Between Existing Exclusion Lists & New Lists

As for now, Advertisers maintain their own made exclusion lists and upload to Google according to their convenience. But on the other hand, Dynamic Exclusions lists allow the advertisers to use the third-party expertise list. This is really helpful in the case of the advocacy industry.

The other benefit of a dynamic exclusion list is that once an advertiser uploaded the list to the Google Ads account, then he/she can easily schedule it for future updates.


A single account can have up to 20 shared exclusion lists with a minimum of 10k URLs and domains per list. Full details are yet to be confirmed by Google but this is for sure that this feature will really help advertisers.

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