Google has come up with two situations in which your content might get removed from the search results. Danny Sullivan of Google, states two main reasons for content getting removed.

The main aim of Google is to give open access to information to its users. However, there are situations when Google has to remove the content in order to protect users or to follow the laws.

Sullivan further says Google doesn’t take removing content so light. Even, websites that are using black hat SEO don’t get permanently de-indexed.


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Removing Of Content In order To Follow Law

Sometimes, Google has to remove content from search results in order to follow the law. Google’s legal obligations vary from country to country. According to Sullivan, Google holds a high stake in maintaining legal requirements, hence removed web pages from the search results.

Maximum time, Google relies on other people and authorities to report content that is violating the law.

By filling a form, anyone can file a request for content removal from search results. Although, Google first reviews the request then take necessary action.

Removing Of Content In Order To Protect Users

Sometimes, Google has to remove content even when it’s not legally required. Example of such content could be financial, medical, government IDs and other images which are uploaded without the consent.

Sullivan Stated

In these cases, while people may want to access these sites to find potentially useful information or understand their policies and practices, the pages themselves provide little value or public interest, and might lead to reputational or even physical harm that we aim to help protect against.

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