Google’s John Mueller states that not to expect every web story you publish to get displayed in Discover. Google Discover’s own web stories carousel lead some users to assume publishing one would automatically lead to visibility in Google Discover.


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A website owner asked John Mueller a question during the Google Search Central SEO hangout recorded on February 19. The question asked was- “How long does it usually take to show a web story in Discover after creating it?”

John Mueller Response

Any form of content whether it is a web story or any sort of web page, the time at which it gets indexed can depend. Content can sometimes get indexed quickly, sometimes it can take a while. Google Discover is different from the web search. Mueller refers to Discover as “another level” above web search where Google is more judicious about what gets displayed and what not.

Explanation By John Mueller

The answer is: it depends. Unfortunately. It’s something where sometimes we can pick up content very quickly after it was created, and crawl it very quickly, and index it very quickly. Sometimes all of that takes a lot longer.

Discover in particular is yet another level on top of that, because for Discover we want to make sure we recommend something that is really appropriate for users. Because users are not searching for something specifically, so we have to be extra careful with regards to the content that we show in Discover.

So there in particular it could happen that it takes a little bit longer for it to start showing up in Discover. It can also happen that it’s never shown in Discover.

Website owners can’t just optimize a web story to get recommended in Discover. To listen to Mueller’s response you can watch the video below:

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