A lot of conversations are going on in the SEO industry around the Generative Pre-trained Transfomer 3 (GPT-3) which is an automated regressive language model that makes use of in-depth learning to generate human-like text and its use for translation of content that Google could wish to consume. Google does not want to consume it and also does not want you to make use of GPT-3 in the process of translation of your content and then fed it for indexing.

Google’s Gary Illyes Tweeted 

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Over time, Google has been saying that using automated translation could be spam and asks not to do it. But Google recently stated that it maybe will not lead to any manual action. The problem with machine translation technology is that it is not good.

Gary Illyes Tweeted

So it is better to use humans for your human read translated content. Gary also adds that if you do make use of the machine-translated tools then make sure to give it a complete check and make changes if any.

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