Last night Google announced with new limitations on Google Ads political issues. Google will limit the targeting options to age gender and generic locations. Not only this Google also has updated its definition for political ads.

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Google Quotation:

Google Wrote On Limitation Of Political Ads
Google Wrote On Limitation Of Political Ads
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Google is also trying to prohibit the ads that are manipulated or doctored which might lead to misleading claims in a census process. Google will not let publish anything that brings a disaster to the domestic or political process.

Additional Feature:

Google beginning on December 3, 2019, will grow the inclusion of its political race publicizing straightforwardness to incorporate U.S. state-level up candidates and officeholders, polling form measures, and promotions that notice government or state ideological groups, so those advertisements will currently be accessible and distinguishable also.


It is clearly visible that Google is attempting to get rid of political ads issue before the big election comes up.

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