In 2018, Google has launched its new feature known as Google Question Hub. Through this publishers can see what questions are unanswered in Google Search and then generate the content that matched those unanswered questions. This seems to be a nice idea for publishers. Now, Google has expanded this feature for US publishers as well.


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Countries Already Have Question Hub

Country                                                      Language

India                                                           English, Hindi

Indonesia                                                   Bahasa Indonesia

Nigeria                                                      English

Process To Set up Question Hub Account

Step 1: First you need to sign up in the question hub account. You can sign up from your Google account and ask for the language and specific location.

Select Preference And Location
Image Credit: Search Engine Roundtable

Step 2: After this, you can submit the websites from which you want to give answers. The websites should be in your verified search console account.

Selecting Websites For Answers
Image Credits: Search Engine Roundtable

Step 3: Once you have submitted websites, you can add a question from the dashboard. Questions can be from various categories.
Here, we have searched for Google Search and you will get a list of questions.

Getting Questions In your List
Image Credits: Search Engine Roundtable

Step 4: Choose the question that you want to answer. After selecting the question, place the link of the article that suits the best answer to that particular question and tap submit.

Submitting The Answer
Image Credits: Search Engine Roundtable

You can also watch the stats on your submission. You can find this data in the performance tab. Stats include clicks, impressions, activity by day, etc.

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