Danny Sullivan explained about the autocomplete predictions that are generated when anyone types a word into the search bar In Google Search. Predictions save the time of the users, by helping them to reach faster to the result they want, but it is not helpful all the time. Sullivan also explained the situation when it’s best not to predict anything.

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Source  of Autocomplete Predictions

Autocomplete predictions come by the searcher generally made by the people into Google Search.  The four factors Google looks at:
  • Trending queries
  • Language of the searcher
  • Where the searcher is located
  • Freshness

Source of Auto Complete predictions
Image Source – Google

 “That’s how predictions work at the most basic level,” Sullivan says.
Google first suggests the trending queries made by the users. To make the predictions more useful for the user, Google also generates the predictions according to the language and location.

Google Autocomplete language
Image Source – Google

According to Sullivan

For example, we might not see a lot of queries for “the name of the thing at the front” of some particular object. But we do see a lot of queries for “the front of a ship” or “the front of a boat” or “the front of a car.” That’s why we’re able to offer these predictions toward the end of what someone is typing.

[our automated systems] might show a trending prediction even if it isn’t typically the most common of all related predictions that we know about.

No Suggestions From Autocomplete

Google has set the limitations on certain predictions that are unexpected, shocking, or less likely to lead to reliable content.

The ways to deal with these issues:

  • Automatically: Systems are designed to prevent potentially unhelpful and policy-violating predictions from appearing.
  • Manually: If Google’s automated systems don’t catch predictions that violate its policies, there are enforcement teams that remove predictions in accordance with those policies.
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