Google has updated its developer’s page for AMP Structured Data to reflect the originality of which structured data is used.

Recently, Google has updated its conditions for logo structured data for the AMP articles. The update shows how publishers will be able to showcase the structured data for their logos. This will help them to be in rich results.


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Structured Data For Logo

The logo structured data used by Google help to display the correct logo in their rich results of the search results. This helps them to showcase the correct logo in the knowledge Panel as well.

Therefore, correct coding for logo structure is important so that it can show your logo in the rich results or knowledge panel.

Google Announcement

Modified the publisher logo requirements of AMP Article structured data to more accurately reflect that we understand both raw URLs as well as ImageObject markup.

There are two types of logo:

  • URL
  • ImageObject

Following are the types in which logo is used for structured data:

  • Brand
  • Organization
  • Place
  • Product
  • Service

Difference Between Structured Data Property & Type

A type is a part of a property. According to Google, a property can be treated as a thing. On the other hand, type is considered to be the part of that thing.

For instance, a mobile phone can be an example of a property but the color of that mobile phone is the attribute.

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